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What is "Your Essential Shift?"

"Harmonizing Wellness, Mind, and Style" is a powerful concept that suggests integrating physical health, mental well-being, and self-expression. It reflects the idea that true well-being encompasses physical health and a balanced and clear mind, along with expressing one's unique style and personality. It's a reminder that looking and feeling good isn't just about one aspect; it's about finding harmony among these different elements in one's life.

Our mission is to empower you to embrace absolute clarity and unlock the greatness that resides within you. Through this unique blend of holistic elements, we aim to provide the tools and resources needed for your personal journey towards wellness and self-discovery. Welcome to a place where well-being and style harmoniously coexist, nurturing your inner and outer self.

Meet Our Founder

Yancik L. Doctor

Yanick L. Doctor is a Bronx native with a remarkable journey that spans continents and defies conventional paths. As an Air Force veteran, Yanick served her country for four years, honing her discipline and determination. However, in 2015, she made a bold and life-altering decision that would set her on an extraordinary course of self-discovery.

Breaking away from a lucrative six-figure corporate job, Yanick courageously sold her car and house, embarking on an adventurous quest to explore the world and, in the process, find herself. Her transformative journey took her through an impressive 13 countries, each with its own unique culture and lessons to offer.

The pinnacle of her exploration was an extended sojourn in Ghana, where she immersed herself in the rich heritage and vibrant tapestry of this West African nation. Yanick resided in Ghana for an astonishing 21 months, experiencing its traditions, connecting with its people, and gaining profound insights into her own identity and purpose.

Costa Rica was the final stop on Yanick’s odyssey before returning to America. In this lush and diverse country, she lived for five months, further expanding her global perspective and embracing the beauty of nature and community.

Yanick L. Doctor’s inspiring journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the courage to follow one’s heart. Her story encourages us all to break free from the constraints of the ordinary, explore the unknown, and, in the process, uncover the depths of our own potential. Yanick’s experiences have undoubtedly enriched her life and offer a unique perspective that inspires others to embark on their own transformative journeys of self-discovery.


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